The ALL INDIA UNITED CHRISTIAN VOICE (AIUCV) has a list of prayer points that are prayed for each month by hundreds of Indians. Each week, on, we feature a portion of the prayer points and hope you fill spend time praying for them as the Lord guides you.



“Remember the Prisoners as though you were in the prison with them and the mistreated as though you yourself were suffering bodily”: Hebrew 13:3

A – Pray for the persecuted church and christians

A1. Thousands Protest Religious Intolerance in India

(UCA News) – Thousands of people, including church groups, gathered across India to protest against mounting religious intolerance and express solidarity with the victims of violence.
Secular groups across India organized the June 28 protest titled "Not in My Name" to bring together thousands of Indians who are against violence conducted in the name of Hinduism and patriotism.

"A small group in India believe that every Indian should follow a particular culture and lifestyle dictated by them" which they project as Indian culture, Michael Williams, president of the United Christian Forum, told

"It cannot exist. Not in my name and not in my constitution. Do not fight this war in the name of India and Indians. You are not protecting the constitution of India by killing innocents," he said explaining the message of the protest.

Holding placards and the national flag, students, artists, politicians and religious leaders gathered in New Delhi to take part in a silent protest. Facing the protesters was a billboard — called the Lynch Map of India — illustrating where incidents of mob lynching happened in the country since 2015. Please pray the authorities concerned will hear the anguished pleas of the minorities and take appropriate, affirmative action.

A2. Christian Families Cut Off From Village Well For Not Denying Faith

(Christian Post) - Christian families were beaten by villagers, forced to take part in Hindu rituals and had the water for their crops cut off. The families that were targeted in the attack are from, Ghazipur District in Utter Pradesh. The incident happened on April 25 when a mob led by the village president and his advisers beat up a group of Christians with sticks. Pushpa Kumari, one of the victims, said the mob forced them to eat basil leaves and drink water from the Ganges River that was considered holy.

They were also made to deny Christ. At least 13 young Christians caved in to pressure and reconverted back to Hinduism. The four couples who refused were beaten up. Their water supply was also cut off, leaving their crops exposed to temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.
Pray the police authorities would facilitate the resumption of supply of water to the Christian families of Ghazipur.

A3. Hindu Nationalists in India Seek to Scrap National Commission for Minorities

(UCAN) - The VHP accused National Commission for Minorities (NCM) Chair Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi of fanning separatism and demanded its scrapping, a charge Rizvi rejected and said the panel is bridging gaps between different communities.

The VHP's criticism came after Rizvi, newly appointed to the NCM post, announced resumption of a commission helpline service to enable persons directly contact the statutory panel with their grievances. Surendra Jain, VHP general Secretary, demanded that the NHRC should be empowered while the Minorities Commission should be scrapped.

Reacting to VHP's allegations, Rizvi said that the panel aims to safeguard the constitutional rights of all minorities, not just Muslims, and that it cannot be wished away.

"The NCM was constituted in 1992 by an Act of Parliament to safeguard the constitutional rights of all minorities, not just Muslims. It does not matter what any individual or organization thinks about it," Rizvi told IANS.

In answer to prayer, the Govt. had begun to fill the vacancies in the National Commission for Minorities {Refer to A4, June Prayer Points}

A4. BJP Presidential Nominee Called Christianity and Islam Alien to India.

(Business Standard) - "Islam and Christianity are alien" to India, NDAs Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind said seven years ago when he was just appointed a BJP spokesperson.

Kovind, then a little known BJP leader, addressed a press conference at the BJP headquarters here on March 26, 2010, sought that the Justice Ranganath Misra Commission, which had recommended inclusion of Muslim and Christian converts among the Scheduled Castes, be "scrapped" and called the move "unconstitutional".

Asked then by an IANS correspondent as to how Sikh Dalits could enjoy the quota privilege in the same category, he responded, "Islam and Christianity are alien to the nation."

Kovind, an RSS loyalist who worked for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, said the Misra Committee recommendations were not possible to implement.
"Including Muslims and Christians in the Scheduled Castes category will be unconstitutional," the lawyer-turned-politician said.
Please pray for the incoming president of India that he/she will defend and ensure the full force of the Constitution of India will be applied in protecting the rights and welfare of all peoples, irrespective of their party affiliation, economic, religious and social backgrounds.

A5. Protests Outside White House During Modi's Visit

(Christian Daily) - Christians and Sikhs who want to raise awareness regarding the ongoing violations against religious minorities in India picketed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the White House on June 26 to demand for true freedom of religion.

Modi's administration has reportedly made the lives of Christians, Sikhs and other religious minorities more difficult. Sikhs for Justice Director Jatinder Grewall told Christian Broadcasting Network that they want to shed some light on the human rights violations happening in India.
For Pastor Rob Rotola, Modi lied when he assured Christians and religious minorities in 2014 that he would promote freedom of religion. The pastor, who joined the protest, said only the Hindus have a favourable status in the country. Pray for Prime Minster Modi that he will personally take the lead to allay the fears of the minorities through effective administrative measures.

A6. Christians Face Discrimination in Kurdistan

ICC Note: Christians and other religious minorities fled ISIS into what is known as Kurdistan. With greater autonomy, Kurdistan is now agitating for independence. However the situation in Kurdistan is disheartening. As an influx of Christians arrives, they face discrimination and are treated as second class citizens.

Even though Kurdistan’s laws offer a great degree of protection for religious minorities, many communities are not receptive of these religious minorities and act violently against them. Additionally, Kurdistan’s limited resources and security situation encourages them to put restrictions on religious minorities. Pray for the protection of the interests of Christians and minorities, as assured by the current laws in Kurdistan, will be upheld and enforced.

A7. Only Two Christian Families Remain in Israel-held Golan Heights

ICC Note: Only two isolated Christian families remain in the Israeli-held part of the Golan Heights on the strategic plateau on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on water. Once, this village contained 600 Christians and 300 Druze but with the outbreak of war most Christians fled and were unable to return.

The church in the centre of the village rarely opens its doors but Christians from the area have come to visit in solidarity with the two families. Without such visits, this small Christian community and their church would have faded into oblivion. Without support, many other Christian communities could disappear from their historic homes in the Middle East. Many Middle Eastern Christians feel they no longer have a home to come back to. Pray that such isolated Christians will experience the Lords comfort and provisions for all their needs despite the harsh conditions.

A8. Austria Recognizes ISIS Genocide Against Christians

Syria (Christian Post) – Austria has become one of the first countries in the world to not only formally recognize the genocide being committed against Christians in Iraq and Syria, but also to advance a seven-point plan aimed at helping victims.
The American Centre for Law and Justice reported that the Austrian National Council (ANC) formally recognized earlier in June the "heinous atrocities" being committed by the Islamic State terror group against Christians and other religious minorities, and committed itself to carrying out steps to help those who are displaced. Let us thank the Lord for the initiatives taken by the ANC to provide safe zones and other relief measures to protect the displaced persons from Syria and Iraq.

A9. Nigerian Christian Leaders Tell Students to Boycott Mandatory Arabic Classes

Nigeria (Premier)- Religious leaders in Nigeria have called for Christian students to boycott compulsory Arabic classes introduced by the government.

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church and other religious leaders claim the compulsory lesson is an attempt to convert secondary pupils to Islam.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Pastor W.F. Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church - who are all members of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) - stated the government has no right to force students to study Arabic. Please pray that the government will restrain itself from forcing school students from the compulsory learning of Arabic.

A10. Cleric Murdered in South Sudan

ICC Note: In Juba, South Sudan, a Kenyan Bishop was brutally murdered while visiting a local church. This comes quickly on the heels of the government declaring that they will strongly enforce rules in order to curb climbing crime rates. This rising crime rate has led to major safety concerns for all Christians in South Sudan.

They need constant prayer for safety, as nowhere is safe. Our prayers go out to the family of the deceased for comfort and strength in this time of grief.


B1. Pray for the Church leaders, Archbishops, Bishops, Presbyters, Pastors, Gospel Workers and all those who work in the Lord's Vineyard so that they sincerely practice what they preach and their teachings and preaching are always in consonance with the teachings of the Bible. Pray that they never stray from the straight and narrow path. Particularly pray for the Catholic Archbishop of Bangalore, Most Rev. Bernard Moraes, the Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, the Moderator of the Church of South India, Rt. Rev. Prasanna Kumar Samuel the Bishop of the CSI Central Karnataka Diocese, Bishop N L Karkare, the Methodist Bishop of Bangalore and the Chairman of the Full Gospel Assemblies of God. Pray that the Churches under their charge give such a testimony that the rest of the world finds reasons to praise God because of them.

B2. Pray for all the churches in India particularly the Catholic Church, the CSI, CNI, Marthoma Church, the Evangelical church of India, Lutheran Churches, the Methodist Church, Syrian Orthodox Church, Jacobite Syrian Church, Full Gospel Assembly of God Churches, Evangelical churches, Brethren Assemblies, the Seventh day Adventist Churches, the Mennonite Churches, Pentecostal Churches, the Believer’s Church and many other Independent Churches in India.

Pray that these churches remain true to the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ as revealed through the word of God. Pray that the Churches are more conscious of the values they practice in the lives of its members rather than in the number of their adherents so that each member of the Church becomes the Gospel read by those who see them. Pray that the Church becomes instrumental in reforming the society in which they live instead of getting polluted by the filth they find all around them.

B3. Pray For Revival in the Churches in India

Pray for a spiritual revival in all our Churches irrespective of the denomination. Pray that the Holy Spirit pours Himself on the Churches in India in such a mighty manner as in the day of the First Pentecost. Let each Church and each individual member of the Churches experience the Power of the Spirit. Let the fruits of the Spirit dwell richly in every individual who calls himself a believer. Let the gifts of the Spirit be manifested in such a way that the rest of the world will wonder at what is happening to Christians in the world.

Pray that such a revival starts with each one of us individually and spreads to every Church in Bangalore first and widely to all parts of the country. Let not the persecutions that occur in the country hold us back. Cry out to the Lord for such a mighty revival in India.


C1. Pray for the many Christian Organizations that work in our country such as ,Prison Ministry of India, India Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth with a Mission, National Missionary Society, Indian Missionary Society of Tinnevelly, Union of the Evangelical students of India, Gospel for Asia, Karnataka Evangelical Association, Sunday school club of India, Ambassadors for Christ, Blessings Youth Mission, India for Christ Ministries, Emerging Youth Leaders, India Missions Association, Friends Missionary Prayer Band, Maharashtra Village Ministries, Indian Evangelical Mission, Missions India, Thiruvalla, GEMS ,MUT, Sunday School Union,, Scripture Union, Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission , RZIM and all other missionary organizations in the country.

C2. Pray for the Far East Broadcasting Association, Evangelical Literature Service, ISPCK, India Bible Literature, Masihi Sahitya Sanstha, World Cassette Outreach, The Gideon’s International in India, India Every Home Crusade, TAFTEE, St. Paul’s Publication, Operation Mobilization, Gospel Literature Service, Asian Trading Corporation, Forerunner Magazine, Sunday School Association of India, Christian Legal Association of India, Quiet Corner Prayer Movement , Live School ( and other Christian Agencies. Pray that God will bless all efforts going on in this country to spread the word of God.

C3. Pray for Christian Social Service Organizations as they serve the poor and needy people in India: Missionaries of Charity, Catholic Relief Organization, EFICOR, World Vision, CASA, and Mission to the Blind, Hospitals and Ministries catering to the Blind, those suffering from leprosy and mentally challenged People.

C4. Pray For All Christian Institutions in the Country

Pray for all the Christian Institutions in the country, including Schools, Colleges Hospitals and Medical Colleges spread all over the country. Pray that these Institutions are enabled to function according to Christian principles, upholding noble values and maintaining high standards at all times. Particularly pray for the Theological Colleges and Seminaries in all parts of the country so that they are enabled to train and prepare Christ-like Christian Leaders.


D1. Pray for the Political Parties in the Country and Their Leaders

Towards the end of June, 2017, Shri Narendra Modi our Prime Minister paid a rare visit to Sabarmati Ashram set up by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation. While in the Ashram he made a statement that was welcomed generally by all the sane elements in the country. He praised Ahimsa (non-violence) which was the creed of the Mahatma and said that violence in the name of the cow is unacceptable. The Mahatma would not have approved of it. This statement by the PM must have been a reaction to the spontaneous protests going on in several cities around the country against lynching’s going on in the country in the name of cow protection. The protesters were carrying placards displaying the words ’NOT IN MY NAME”.

About a year ago the Prime Minister had made a stronger statement against the so called ‘Gau Rakshaks’, saying they are law breakers in the night masquerading as ‘Gau rakshaks’ in the day time. The unfortunate part is that even after such strong statements by the PM, the instances of lynching and killings in the name of cow have only increased. Even the pious statements of the PM at Gandhi’s Ashram may not have much effect on the ground unless The PM displays greater will to enforce Law and order in the country. Everybody knows that Mr. Modi is the sole authority in the ruling party without any challenge from any quarters whatsoever. Why should he then feel so helpless to curb such lawlessness in the country? The fact is that the innumerable organizations in the Sangh Parivaar who promote these Gau Rakshaks know that the statements by the PM are more for public consumption and less for implementation. Unfortunately the PM is doing pretty little to dispel that impression.

The latest issue of ‘Frontline’ magazine published by the Hindu has its cover story ‘March of the Hindu Rashtra’ and goes on to describe the recent meeting of more than a hundred Hinduthva based organizations in Mumbai where a resolution was passed urging the Government to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra. Their intention seems to be to make India a Hindu version of Pakistan, a theocratic state with Hinduism being its sole religion, instead of being a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist Republic that the founding fathers of this Republic wanted it to be. This development should become a matter of concern to every citizen of this country who believes in the ‘idea of India’ as envisaged by our Founding Fathers.

Let us therefore pray fervently for the ruling party in the country and its leaders to steadfastly guard against the erosion of values, ideals and aspirations of the Constitution of India which they are duty bound to protect, by virtue of the oath they had taken while assuming office. Let us also pray for the forthcoming elections to the high offices of the President and Vice President of this Nation. Pray that the Opposition parties show a spirit of unity, without being distracted by personal ambitions and sectarian motives. {LV}


E1. Pakistan Deports South Korean Christian

Pakistan (Christian Today) - Pakistan has ordered a South Korean Christian arrested earlier this month to leave the country, accusing him of 'illegal preaching activities' after two of his students at a language school were killed by Islamic State.

'Investigations have revealed that [Juan Won-seo] went to Pakistan on a business visa, set up an Urdu academy in Quetta and got involved in illegal preaching activities,' Pakistan's interior minister said on 19 June, World Watch Monitor reported. 'We have revoked his visa and asked him to leave the country.'

A South Korean official had previously denied the preaching claim, telling the Hindustan Times on 14 June that 'nothing has so far been found to verify the suspicion that they were involved with a Korean missionary group'.

Pray for religious freedom for the minorities in Pakistan.

E2. Taliban Kill 13 in Ambush in Afghanistan

ICC Note: The Taliban have claimed responsibility for a targeted attack that killed 13 pro-government fighters in Afghanistan, recently. The ambush occurred as the fighters were going to fight the insurgency. Afghanistan has struggled to reclaim stability in recent years and the Taliban is increasing resistance to the government in an effort to reclaim land and power that U.S.-led NATO troops helped take away. Increased chaos and Taliban strength does not have positive implications for the already persecuted Christian community.

Please pray for peace and stability to be restored in war- torn Afghanistan.

E3. 20 Anti-Christian Incidents in Sri Lanka This Year

Sri Lanka (Asia News) - The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL), an umbrella movement for Evangelical Churches, has reported at least 20 anti-Christian incidents, as well as other attacks against Muslims and other groups so far this year.

In view of this, the National Peace Council (NPC) has complained that no one has been arrested in connection with the violence. The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has joined its voice, calling on President Maithripala Sirisena to order the Ministry of Law and Order and the General Inspector of Police to take all the necessary action to deal with criminals and those who instigate religious hatred. In recent months, the NCEASL has recorded 20 cases of anti-Christian violence, including attacks against Christian places of worship.

Let us pray that the Sri Lankan Government will uphold the rights and privileges assured in their Constitution to the religious and ethnic minorities, be fulfilled in letter and spirit for the peace and welfare of all.

E4. Vietnamese Police Beat Catholics in Clash Over Land

Vietnam (RFA) - Plainclothes police attacked and beat a group of Catholic priests and their followers in central Vietnam’s Thua Thien Hue province recently when the group attempted to defend a cross they had put up on land claimed by their church, sources said.

The 8:00 a.m. attack on June 28 was launched when authorities arrived at the Thien An monastery in Hue to take down the cross and saw church members taking their photos as they approached, Thien An priest Khoa Cao Duc Loi told RFA’s Vietnamese Service.

“They threw stones at the priests, and beat three or four of them,” Loi said, adding that their attackers were accompanied by “women and thugs” who helped police to pull down the cross.

“They prevented us from putting it back, and priests held on to the cross while police tore at their shirts and dragged them by their hair,” Loi said. Though the attackers were dressed in civilian clothes, Loi recognized many of them as police officers, he said.

Let us pray for the Police administration in Vietnam that it will discharge its duties dispassionately.

E5. North Korean Faces Spy Charges After Visiting Christian Relatives

ICC Note: North Korean man, Kim Seung-mo faces spy charges after visiting with Christian relatives in China. On June 3rd, Kim Seung-mo was arrested and dragged out in front of Wiyon train station in North Korea because of his contact with Christians during his visit to China. All travellers are required to report their whereabouts and because Kim Seung-mo did not report that his relatives were churchgoers, he was arrested and violently assaulted by authorities upon his return. Please pray for divine intervention in North Korea so that the Christian remnant will be emboldened to continue their witness for Christ, despite the hostile environment.

F1. Please pray for Rev. Christy Rajkumar, the members of the Trinity Church, where we are meeting today, that the Lord Jesus will abundantly bless their families.

F2. God willing we will have our next prayer meeting at Revival Centre Church, Ashoka Road Cross, St Thomas Town, Bangalore 560 084, on Saturday, August 26, 0930hrs to 1300hrs. Please make it convenient to attend the same. Also, kindly invite your friends too.


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