Blessing Home: A Ray of Hope for Destitute Children

The Blessing Home is giving residential care to Indian children who were previously at risk in Bangalore India and beyond.

Blessing Home’s History

In August 2003, we started to save a small number of children from the abusive and uncaring environment of the slum districts of Bengaluru (Bangalore) and poor villages beyond. We believe Blessing Home will make a big difference to these young lives. Five new houses are providing 36 children, 25 girls and 11 boys, with the warmth, love, security, and stability that only a home can provide. Ms. Prema Devadanam can be reached at


Blessing Home’s Objective

Children deprived of a home for whatever reason are immediately at a disadvantage as we believe a stable environment plays a large role in a child’s development. Our objective is simply to provide a loving family home environment to children who have been deprived of this essential part of their childhood.

DSCN7009.JPGBlessing Home’s Ministry

Blessing Home is a safe home in Bangalore India where children feel secure and relaxed, have good properly-cooked food, a bed, clean clothes and lots of love. All of our children attend English medium schools where they integrate with children from normal homes. They receive regular medical and dental attention and extra tuition is also provided to help in catching up with studies where necessary. They seize every opportunity to learn and many excel academically, being fully aware of the importance of a good education.

You can visit their website and learn more about their work, how you may pray and even help them by visiting

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