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  • Sandra Bretschneider @ - ChristianMetro

    Sandra Bretschneider

    Hello, friend! My name is Sandra Bretschneider, and I am the author of this lovely space. While you're here, I hope you download a free Bible...

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  • Kathy Gossen @ - ChristianMetro

    Kathy Gossen

    I’m Kathy! I’m the wife of a farmer’s son, homeschooling mom of three girls, and an Okie who dreams of returning to the country life. But above all...

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  • Victoria @ - ChristianMetro


    HI, I’M VICTORIA! I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY! I was thrown into my role as a homemaker with not much experience. I h...

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  • Kelsie @ - ChristianMetro


    Hey there! I'm Kelsie. I'm passionate about sharing stories, suggestions, and real conversation. In this crazy, ever-changing world, I'm doing my b...

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  • Johanna @ - ChristianMetro


    I am one blessed lady! Married to my husband, David, for over 15 years + momma to three wonderful boys. Yes, I am surrounded by testosterone and BO...

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  • Dianne Thornton - ChristianMetro

    Dianne Thornton

    Hi! I’m Dianne. Welcome to my home on the Internet! Grab a cup of coffee (decaf for me, please) and join me for a while! There are few things I lik...

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  • Donna Reidland - ChristianMetro

    Donna Reidland

    Donna Reidland I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, and Biblical counselor. I love sharing God's truth, hopefully in ways that will help you in...

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  • Dr. Michelle Bengtson - ChristianMetro

    Dr. Michelle Bengtson

    Dr. Michelle Bengtson is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist with more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medic...

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  • Arabah Joy - ChristianMetro

    Arabah Joy

    Hi, please call me AJ! began on a whim back in 2010, while I was serving on the mission field with my husband and four small k...

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  • Jen @ - ChristianMetro


    About Hi, I’m Jen, a work in progress. I grew up as an MK (missionary kid), partially here in the states and partially in our half-island home o...

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  • Bethany Kimsey - ChristianMetro

    Bethany Kimsey

     I am a disciple of Christ, wife to Troy, a mother of 8 kids, and I desire to walk with you in this journey of motherhood. I want this place to fee...

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  • Amanda Criss @ - ChristianMetro

    Amanda Criss

    Hello! I’m amanda criss, and I’m so honored to welcome you here to my blog. I hope this is a place where the joy and hope I find from knowing Chris...

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  • Carla Gasser - ChristianMetro

    Carla Gasser

    When not teaching, speaking, or writing, Carla Gasser is most herself as a wife and mom living in Ohio with her four very active (and hilarious!) c...

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  • Jennifer @ - ChristianMetro


    I’m Jennifer, the wife of Fred,  the mother of three boys, Clayton (13), Jack (10), and Andrew (7) and a daughter of the one true King.  My husband...

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  • Christi Gee - ChristianMetro

    Christi Gee

    Do you ever feel … Undone?Overwhelmed?Wondering ifyou’re the only one who can’tseem to get a gripor grasp the elusiveunder control? Me too.And I be...

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  • Cindy LaFavre Yorks - ChristianMetro

    Cindy LaFavre Yorks

    “The side door is rarely the most appealing entrance. We feel more deserving of the front door, a red carpet kind of entry. But God gently leads us...

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  • Lisa @ - ChristianMetro


    Hi, welcome to Conforming To The Truth! I am so thankful that you stopped by today! My greatest desire is to conform to the truth of God's word. I ...

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  • A Bountiful Love - ChristianMetro

    A Bountiful Love

    I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration. I am a child of God.  Welcome to my blog!I'm an advoca...

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  • Jenni @ - ChristianMetro


    Hi, I’m Jenni Like most moms, I wear a lot of hats in my life.  I’m a blogger, author, mom, wife, and website owner who also works in marketing and...

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  • Marie @ - ChristianMetro


    My greatest desire is to teach others how much God loves them and how to use His Word to live the life He has purposed for them.  God has seen fit ...

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  • June Fuentes @ - ChristianMetro

    June Fuentes

    Welcome to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home! My name is June Fuentes and I am happily married to Steve, my husband of over 24 years, and am a homesch...

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  • Aimee @ - ChristianMetro


    My name is Aimee and it means Beloved.  How that meaning is a treasure to my heart! I love the one, true God.  I love Him with all of my mind, hear...

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  • Elizabeth @ - ChristianMetro


    ABOUT ALL ROUND JESUS Hi friend, I’m glad you stopped by. What this site is about Here at, my desire is to ...

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  • Kayse @ - ChristianMetro


    Hi there, friend! I’m Kayse, wife to Jon (my favorite musician) and mom to Emily + Nathan. Our family is a little crazy (and loud), but we love eac...

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