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Devout Christian Kevin James is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars

The King of Queens and Paul Blart: Mall Cop actor is known for making people laugh. But what many people don’t know about Kevin is that he is a devout Christian with strong roots in the church. He grew up in the Catholic Church. His father took his family to the church and really instilled the value of going to church regularly. He said in an interview with CBN that he is continuing to learn more and more each day in terms of trying to be the person that God wants him to be. When it comes to his faith, he is working on relying on faith and prayer not only in times of need, but in all times, saying, “I’ve been very guilty of not showing my faith and just praying when I needed it, when something bad happened in my life and not being thankful when things turned good. All good is from God, and so I want to honor him.”


On working on “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” with fellow Catholic Kevin James, fellow Catholic actor Neal McDonough says:

We had Mass every day at lunch.

We hired the biggest suite at the Wynn Hotel. We’d fly priests in. We’d have Mass every day during the filming of this in Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel.

Not for gambling, but for God. It was phenomenal. Kevin James — not only one of the greatest actors on set, but one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. Gosh, what an amazing human being to do that. “All right, everyone in the cast, everyone in the crew. You want Mass? It’s going to be in suite 306. Let’s have at it. Every day.”


NEW YORK — Comedian and actor Kevin James could be one of the most lovable guys in Hollywood, according to some of his co-stars in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” who didn’t have a bad word to say about him during the film’s world premiere in New York City.

James, a self-professing Catholic who credited his faith as something that helps him in every aspect of his life during a previous interview with The Christian Post, remains humble despite his fame and success in television and film.

“My faith helps me in everything; it shapes me and I always try to glorify Him in movies,” he told CP in 2012. “We all make mistakes, and if I played an angel every time I’d be out of the business. There are faulted people, and there is good and evil.”

Vic Dibitetto, a comedian and YouTube Internet personality known for his harsh rants on pop culture, scored a role as Blart’s right-hand man, Gino Chizetti, in the film through knowing James from his days of working small comedy clubs in New York City.

“I’ve known Kevin for about 30 years. We started in the East Side Comedy Club and we lost touch,” Dibitetto told CP. “He became the King of Queens, I went on to drive a garbage truck. Then he saw my YouTube videos on Facebook.”

“He’s a regular guy. He’s got no ego,” he continued. “He’s got six comics in this movie that he knows from the business. I mean, who does that? It’s about friends helping friends.”

Actor D.B. Woodside, who plays villain Robinson in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” affirmed comments made by DiBitetto about James’ good nature.

“He’s just a really down to Earth guy. He comes across to me as a working class guy,” Woodside told CP. “[He’s] humble. Hilarious. A family man.”

The film’s director, Andy Fickman, jokingly described James as “a horrible person that punches me regularly,” but eventually echoed the sentiments of both Woodside and Dibitetto.

“It sounds almost cliché’ because in our business we don’t always get to have the chance to work with such a wonderful guy,” Fickman told CP. “And Kevin is one of the best. He’s so kind on screen and off screen and he cares about the cast, the crew and the story.”

Fickman said James will stop filming to take pictures with fans and tries not to let them down.

“The heart of that is a guy who loves the community,” he said. “You know, you make movies for the world and you hope that the world appreciates it. And he does.”

Nicholas Turturro plays Nick Manero, a fellow security official to Blart in the film. He discussed the advantages to making this film in Las Vegas and what he described as the “good clean fun” he had there with James while shooting.

“Good clean fun. It’s just guys bonding, commiserating. Telling boy stories. Nothing really bad,” Turturro added. “Kevin’s a sweet guy. He’s got a good heart. He’s a very giving guy. We’ve become good friends.”

Source: ChristianPost

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