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Derrick and Kim, are Lead Pastors of Mumbai based Kingdom Seekers International (KSI) Church. Derrick is an anointed evangelist and is gifted in the area of prophetic worship. Currently he also serves as the Executive Director of KSI. He loves the Lord and so is in love with His Word. Kims calling is to encourage and edify both through written and spoken words. Her first book “Its Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy” has touched and impacted many lives across the globe. She also serves an editor with Revive Nations.


How to be a man after Gods Heart- By Kim D’Souza

If you are looking for an answer to this question, let me begin by letting you know that your Father God is MORE desperate to reveal His heart to you, than you are to know His heart.


This is where the biggest love story began – the love story between the Creator and His creation.

God created Adam in His image, which means Adam knew the sound of God’s heartbeat. He carried a portion of God’s heart. But before the lovers had walked long enough, Adam chose to prostitute his heart with the world. And generation after generation man kept trading pieces of the Lover’s heart with the wickedness of flesh.

The first heart break in the Bible

Do you know the first time ever a heart break is spoken about in the Bible?Genesis 6:6 says God’s heart broke. This is also the first time we read about someone grieving and repenting. The Scripture says that when God saw the wickedness in man’s heart, His heart broke and He was repentant that He created man.

And thus began the chase…

The eyes of the Great Lover have been ever since searching for someone who will hear His heartbeat; someone whose heart is fully devoted to Him (2 Chronicles 16:9 ).

But the more closer He came, the further man withdrew. God wanted intimacy, but men chose distance. “We don’t want You to speak to us, we would rather choose man.” (Exodus 20:19 ).

But there were some listeners

Whether it was Noah, Abraham, Moses, Samuel…in every generation, the Lover found someone who listened to His heart.

I can imagine the excitement of God that day when He tells prophet Samuel, “Hey, I have found someone after my own heart (1 Samuel 13:13 ). You see, something precious can only be found when you are searching for it. And God found David, a man after His own heart.

God had a better plan

God was however not content with revealing His heart to a few handful of men. He had a better plan – He told His son Jesus, “Why don’t you go down and reveal my heart to them. When they see you, they will see my heart.”

“But wasn’t Jesus the carpenter’s son?” we argued. And we nailed Him on the cross, thus breaking God’s heart yet again.

But praise God the love story doesn’t end here. Jesus was crucified on the cross and He rose again – triumphing over sin, sickness, curse and above everything restoring our love story with the Father.

And in doing so, He opened God’s heart to all – God’s heart is His Word and now it is only left to us to seek after it.

Will you be that man or woman who will seek His heart?

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