Living Hope Children’s Home

Living Hope Children’s Home

In 2002, Pastor William John founded Living Hope Children’s Home with 10 children to provide them with opportunities to break out of the poverty cycle.Today we have 2 centers in Bangalore 100 and in Orrisa 50 & with a total of 150 children under our care.

Living Hope Children’s Home is an organization, which strives to provide shelter and education to the underprivileged children of our country. However, the primary mission of LHCH is to brighten the world with these children’s smiles; and if smiles were candles, this home would never be dark.

While academic education is always encouraged, the other interests of each child are also never ignored. LHCH is the perfect platform for the budding athlete, singer, artist or even agriculturist! The home offers a slew of activities to the children, ranging from domestic ones such as gardening and sewing, to more vigorous ones such as football and dancing.

It is often said that the future of the world resides in the hands of children. LHCH does not offer these children the future of the world, but instead a future of their own. It provides them with a choice. They are allowed to choose their own path, instead of having to walk down the one forced upon them by the circumstances of poverty. Most importantly, as it’s name suggests, this home offers the children hope.

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