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Service Providers

Are you are a Christian Counselor, Speaker, Blogger or Business Owner? We can help you connect with members of the Christian community seeking service providers like you. Our marketing team can help create your own unique business page on the ChristianMetro online marketplace with a description of your service or business through which you will be visible to hundreds of visitors to the website, many of whom will be interested in what you have to offer. An excellent way to extend what you do.

If you are interested in being featured on ChristianMetro please drop us a line through the Contact Us page or email at to know more about this opportunity and what it entails. We charge a very nominal fee for your listing and nothing else. In return, we will create your personalised listing on our online marketplace which links back to you and your own website. Further, our marketing team will regularly use the latest online marketing tools and software to channelize traffic to ChristianMetro and accordingly to your listing too.

Sell On ChristianMetro

Do you make or market products required by members of the Christian community? If so, then you have a wonderful opportunity to enhance your business by selling your products on ChristianMetro, the No.1 online Christian marketplace, regularly frequented by hundreds of visitors searching for Christian products.

We have already tied up with several popular Christian brands and sellers of Bibles, books, apparel, jewellery, accessories, home décor and more, all of which suit the Christian buyer. If you would like to feature your products on ChristianMetro, please drop us a line through the Contact Us page on this site. Alternately, you can write to us at We would love to support and empower you and will get back with next steps for a tie up.

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Personal Storefront page for Sellers

As a seller, you will get your own boutique storefront which is an online page on the ChristianMetro website which can be customized with pictures, videos and banners unique to your business and ethos. Your own online boutique storefront on ChristianMetro will be akin to having a physical store in a mall alongside several other stores, selling related or unrelated products, but all things Christian.

However, this boutique storefront is available FREE and is certain to attract a large number of daily visitors specifically from your target segment. Through this partnership, we only seek a small percentage commission on all goods sold by you through ChristianMetro, in return for which we will build your online storefront and keep it regularly refreshed and up and running. We will also use technology and online marketing tools to continuously channel customer traffic to our online marketplace and accordingly your storefront.

Great Support

All service providers and sellers who partner with us on ChristianMetro are assured of active online marketing support and quick responses on queries and questions through email at

We are available 24/7 and our partner and customer support are very personalised. Besides, our support team will be in regular touch with partners for exclusive offers, suggestions and announcements, with the single purpose of together making ChristianMetro the complete Christian online marketplace.

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We are a ‘one of a kind’ online Christian community with a non-denominational approach, powered by faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
So, if you are a Christian Business or Service Provider, we ask you to join us on ChristianMetro so that we can together provide
fellow Christians the faith-based products or services they need. 

To generate further interest and traffic for ChristianMetro we have also linked with our information website which features the latest Christian news and blogs. The synergy between these two sites provides immense value to
both Sellers and Service Providers listed on ChristianMetro.

If you share our vision, we would love to have you partner with us for the complete Christian marketplace.