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Almost all physical and digital products on ChristianMetro have a 10 day return policy. Please read through to know more about our
returns, exchange and refund policies. Your satisfaction is our top priority – if you have any problems, questions, or wish to exchange/return an item, please let us know by emailing Please include your Sales Order number, PO Number, or Pack Slip number.
Please read below for more detailed information.

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Return Policy

This policy is applicable only for physical goods purchased through the ChristianMetro online market place. Since we support multiple brands and storefronts, the return process might vary for each product. The option of returning an item is a facility provided by the sellers present on ChristianMetro in terms of which the option of return, replacement, exchange and / or refund is offered by the respective sellers to you. Therefore, the policy on each product page shall prevail whenever applicable.

While we have made every effort to help you buy exactly what you need, should you wish to return a purchased item and seek a refund, you will need to do so within 10 days of receipt of the item by returning it unused in the original packing directly to the seller, simultaneously providing us with reasons for the return and details of your dispatch by email at Our support team will then arrange for the refund to you after the seller receives the item in original condition and within 10 days of receipt of your email.

Exchange Policy

Should you wish to exchange a purchased item, you will need to return it directly to the seller within 10 days of receipt at your end stating reasons for the exchange and details of the alternate item that you wish to have. You will also need to simultaneously provide these details to us by email at If the price of the new item is higher than that of the item originally purchased by you, the difference as advised to you will need to be paid before the new item can be shipped out.

This shipment would generally take place within 7 days of receipt of the price difference in such cases. In the event the price of the new item is lower, the seller might arrange immediate shipment to you while we process the refund which would generally take up to 7 days from the date of shipment of the new item to you. 

Postage costs due to incorrect size ordered, or any issue not being a result of a shipping or manufacturer error, will be the responsibility of the customer. If a seller on ChristianMetro ships an incorrect or defective product, the shipping cost for replacement will be borne by the seller.

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Refund Policy

For any matter of refund relating to your dealings with our partnering Service Providers on ChristianMetro, you will need to be take up the matter directly with the Service Provider concerned while simultaneously informing us by email at However, ChristianMetro will not be held responsible for arranging refunds from Service Providers. 

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you need any clarification on our Returns Policy or have special circumstances, please contact us at before placing your order.

Also, should you wish to return or exchange an item or seek a refund and are not sure how to go about it even after reading the above, please email us at within 2 days of first receiving the item you purchased and we will share the ‘next steps’ to help you process your requirement in the best possible way. 

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