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Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind

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Author: Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 1455504378    EAN: 9781455504374

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: November 06, 2012
Copyright Date: 2012
Meyer outlines a flexible program to turn thoughts into habits--and habits into success. Sections include The Power of a Positive You, 5 Rules for Keeping Your Attitude at the Right Altitude, and More Power To You, with bulleted keys to successful thinking in each chapter.
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Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers, with her TV and radio broadcast, Enjoying Everyday Life, airing on nearly 450 television networks and 400 radio stations worldwide, including ABC Family Channel, Trinity Broadcast Network, Daystar, and the Word Network.
Her bestselling books include Living Beyond Your Feelings, Power Thoughts, Battlefield of the Mind, Look Great, Feel Great, The Confident Woman, I Dare You, and Never Give Up!
Joyce holds conferences approximately 15 times each year, worldwide, speaking to thousands.

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Table of Contents:
Part I. It's All in Your Mind -- Introduction -- Chapter 1. The Power of a Positive You -- Chapter 2. Teach Your Mind to Work for You -- Chapter 3. More Power to You -- Chapter 4. On-Purpose Thinking -- Part II. Power Thoughts -- The Power Thoughts Program -- Power Thought 1. I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ -- Power Thought 2. God loves me unconditionally! -- Power Thought 3. I will not live in fear -- Power Thought 4. I am difficult to offend -- Power Thought 5. I love people and I enjoy helping them -- Power Thought 6. I trust God completely; there is no need to worry! -- Power Thought 7. I am content and emotionally stable -- Power Thought 8. God meets all my needs abundantly -- Power Thought 9. I pursue peace with God, myself, and others -- Power Thought 10. I live in the present and enjoy each moment -- Power Thought 11. I am disciplined and self-controlled -- Power Thought 12. I put God first in my life -- Armed and Ready for Battle -- Notes.

Publisher Marketing:
Joyce Meyer has a knack for coining phrases-her fans call them Joyceisms-and one of her best loved is "Where the mind goes, the man follows." This was the basis for Battlefield of the Mind, and in her latest book, Meyer provides "power thoughts," bringing the reader to a new level of ability to use the mind as a tool to achievement.
In POWER THOUGHTS, she outlines a flexible program to turn thoughts into habits, and habits into success. Sections include:


- The Power of a Positive You


- 5 Rules for Keeping Your Attitude at the Right Altitude


- More Power To You bulleted keys to successful thinking in each chapter


- The Power of Perspective


Nobody has more of a "can-do" attitude than Joyce Meyer. Now you can, too.