January Edition OBQ Winners are...


January Edition OBQ Winners are...


We wish to thank the many participants for a very successful 2018 January edition of the Online BibleQuest on 1 & 2 Thessalonains. As we enter 2018, we look forward for your participation in all the upcoming Quizzes. Please share information about all our upcoming Quizzes with your friends. We want more people to be blessed by the Online BibleQuest. May God bless you all!

Next Quiz on Haggai & Malachi from March 5th - 11th, 2018.

1st Prize:

Swetha Kiran (Ministry – Hyderabad)

2nd Prize:

Olive R (Student - Kanchepuram)

3rd Prize:

  1. Abraham Rajan (Professional – Kerala)
  2. Aharon C. (Pastor – Kurnool)
  3. Jeba Samuel (Home maker – Chengalpet)

10 Highest Scorers

  1. Yehoshuva C (Engineer – Kurnool)
  2. Hannah Abraham (Student – Trivandrum)
  3. Tanuja Sion (Ministry – Guntur)
  4. Akhil Katepogu (Driver – Kurnool)
  5. Andrew Linus (Student – Hyderabad)
  6. Susan John (Teacher – Bangalore)
  7. Romeom M (Self-employed – Mumbai)
  8. Leah Leela (Ministry – Andhra)
  9. Anne Mary (Retired – Chennai)
  10. Alleluia Jebachitra (Security Analyst – Chennai)