From Worry to Victory: Healthy Mind for Healthy Living


From Worry to Victory: Healthy Mind for Healthy Living


The root cause of psychological/ emotional issues is usually faulty thinking patterns or lack of meaning in life.

Counselling helps the clients on their journey from “worry to victory”. It is very easy to approach and guarantee optimum quality in counselling services.

As a Professional Psychologist, Ancy Joe can work through psychological issues with the client. Usually she starts by letting clients vent, followed by focusing on the reason for these issues, which vary from person to person. And she helps the clients to handle their personal or relational issues.She uses evidence based therapies which is appropriate for her clients and keeps all information of clients and interactions strictly confidential.

She focuses on families and work with them providing Parental Counselling, Marital Counselling, Premarital Counselling, Interpersonal Counselling, Teenage counselling and Counselling for Self Improvement.

Face to Face Counselling and Online Counselling services are available.

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