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World Vision – NGO with a Christian heart

World Vision is one of the world’s leading child-focused humanitarian organisations. Through development, relief and advocacy, we pursue fullness of life for every child by serving the poor and oppressed regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.

World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aiddevelopment, and advocacy organization. It prefers to present itself as interdenominational and also employs staff from non-evangelical Christian denominations. It was founded in 1950 by Robert Pierce as a service organization to meet the emergency needs of missionaries. In 1975 development work was added to World Vision’s objectives. It is active in more than 90 countries with a total revenue including grants, product and foreign donations of $1.01 billion (2016).

World Vision International
World Vision logo 2017.png
Founded 1950; 68 years ago (as World Vision Inc.)[1]
Founder Rev. Bob Pierce[1]
Type 501(c)(3) religious non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of California, U.S.[2][3]
Focus Well being of all people, especially children.
  • MonroviaCalifornia, U.S., 800 West Chestnut Avenue (administrative center, World Vision International Board),London, U.K. (Executive Office and International Headquarter)
Area served
97 countries
Method Transformational Development through emergency relief, community development and policy and advocacy
Key people
Kevin Jenkins (International President)
Ms. Donna Shepherd (Chairperson Int’l Board)
US$1.01 billion (2016)[4]
22,500 (2018)[5]

The charity was founded in 1950 as World Vision Inc. by Robert Pierce and co-founder Frank Phillips with a first office in Portland, Oregon. Originally, the charity operated as a missionary service organization meeting emergency needs in crisis areas in East Asia, where in 1954 it opened an office in South Korea. In order to restructure the organization World Vision International was founded in 1977 by Walter Stanley Mooneyham the then president of World Vision.

During the 1970s, World Vision began training families to build small farms by teaching agricultural skills aiming to make lasting effects in the communities they were helping by promoting self-reliance. The organization also began installing water pumps for clean water in communities which caused infant mortality rates to drop. Volunteers now use the fresh water to teach communities gardening and irrigation and promote good health.

During the 1990s, World Vision International began focusing on the needs of children who had been orphaned in UgandaRomania, and Somalia in response to AIDS, neglect, and civil war, respectively. They began educating other African communities on AIDS after realizing its impact. They also joined the United Nations peacekeeping efforts to help those affected by civil war. World Vision also started to openly promote the international ban on land mines. In 1994 World Vision US moved to Washington State.

According to Forbes magazine, as of December 2014, World Vision is the 11th largest charity in the United States with total revenue of over 981 million dollars.

Source: wikipedia/WorldVision

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